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Golden Nuggets: Darrelle Revis Rumors Run Rampant

Saturday, March 31, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Delanie Walker listens to the trade winds.
Delanie Walker listens to the trade winds.

Now that the 49ers have elected to not tag Dashon Goldson, coupled with the previously revealed Alex Smith trade, we can get down to the business at hand. Speculating endlessly and in a futile matter is what all of us should be doing this time of year. Every single participant in this game, the GMs, the coaches, the players on the market, are all lying to us. The media is complicit in this ruse against you, the fan. Everyone is lying and they're all out to dupe you!

Now that I've got that disclaimer out of the way, how about some fun? There are three things to discuss: rumors, rumors and more rumors. The juiciest one floating around for some time now has been Darrelle Revis going to the 49ers. The possibility is so remote that it's silly to even entertain it. But that's exactly what we're going to do. Enjoy!

Darrelle Revis Stories

A few days ago, Revis said playing for the 49ers would be awesome. We think it would be awesome if he played for us. He also wants to make in upwards of $15 million per year. Decidedly not awesome. We have the draft clout to get him, if the front office wanted to. I just don't want to pay him what he wants. | Darrelle Revis interested in the 49ers, but can it happen? (Gin)

Ray Ratto explains exactly why we shouldn't go after Darrelle Revis. He's got some good points about the state of NFL coverage at this time of the year, how the story is a non-story, and why the deal is nearly impossible. | For 49ers fans, Darrelle Revis is fools gold (Ratto)

Fun with Revis, the story that won't go away (Sando)

49ers and Darrelle Revis, the right trade price-point, and the big-name CB Super Bowl fallacy (Kawakami)

Assorted Free Agency News

Here's a look at the 49ers, their roster, and free agency. They note that we don't have glaring needs. Unless Dashon Goldson walks, in which case we have a pretty big one. Adding quality depth is our most important task throughout the offseason. | Free-agency preview: 49ers (CBS)

Matt Barrows discusses Delanie Walker and his appeal in free agency. He played 57% of offensive snaps for the team last season and his versatility and blocking will be hard to replace. But, 'Droptimus Prime' has some issues... | Whither Walker? Depends on whether he's viewed as a starter (Barrows)

Add the Raiders to Cullen Jenkins' road trip (PFT)

Goldson hope to stay 'home' in San Francisco, but open to anywhere, including reunion in Cincy (Inman)

VIDEO: Goldson still hoping 'something works out' with 49ers (CSN)

Assorted Draft News

Take a good look at Trent Baalke's first two drafts with the 49ers. 49erswebzone examines who was chosen, what the commonly held notion was at the time and how they've turned out. The early round picks are amazing, aside from the Taylor Mays pick, purportedly forced on him by then-Coach Singletary. | It happens every April: Baalke and the draft (49erswebzone)

49ers could look to Stanford for OLB needs (BASG)

VIDEO: 49 in 49: Shariff Floyd (

And The Rest...

A piece by PFF on the most overvalued and undervalued 49ers based on 2012 performance and salary. It's a bit of a tricky thing to calculate, but they've done a good job approximating it. What I like is that we have tons of undervalued players, much of it thanks to brilliant drafting. Then, on the other side, our two most overvalued players are out the door. | Performance based value: San Francisco 49ers (PFF)

Chris Culliver makes good on promise, receives LGBTQ sensitivity training (Gin)

Joe Flacco blames nerves for his 'tackle Ted Ginn' idea (PFT)

Ex-49er Bubba Paris pleads not guilty for failing to file tax returns (Mercury News)

Aldon Smith says "we all know" Crabtree was held (PFT)

Shots from inside 49ers' new stadium (Sando)

And that's it, guys. We're getting closer to some real action. The league year start's March 12th. Fellow writer Trevor Woods and I are going to begin a weekly Twitter Q&A session. The first session is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 16, at 2pm. The idea is to hold it every week at that time. It will allow people a chance to interact through another medium and will hopefully bring more traffic to the site. If there's anything people might want out of it, feel free to drop a comment here in the Nuggets or hit either of us up on Twitter. We're still looking for a name and welcome any input. Thanks.

And in other news, I'm headed out of town soon. As you read this, I'll be driving halfway up a mountain, away from civilization. I'll be back for Wednesday Nuggets. Have a good time, I will.

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