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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: 49ers, Falcons among teams rumored to be interested

The latest reports indicate the 49ers are one of two or three "legitimate buyers" in the Darrelle Revis market. How likely is this?

Jeff Zelevansky

Fooch's Note: Chris Mortensen sticking with his report that the 49ers are not all that interested right now:

The New York Daily News is reporting two or three "legitimate buyers" have emerged for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. They are reporting sources indicated the 49ers are interested, with the Falcons as one of the other candidates. The Falcons information is new, while the 49ers have been a reported possibility since the Alex Smith trade was first reported.

Manish Mehta has reported it is virtually a certainty that Revis will be traded, and it is simply a matter of time at this point. One issue is Revis' health. There have been no reports about any setbacks, but the longer the Jets wait, the more Revis can prove he is further along in his recovery. At the same time, the timeline is between now and late April's draft.

The question now is what kind of assets would be needed to acquire Revis. Adam Schefter apparently stated on Sportscenter that the Jets would be lucky to get a second and a third. Part of the issue will be whether or not a team is going to extend Revis in the eight figure range that he is looking for on his next deal.

If the 49ers can see Revis being back at or near 100%, I can understand the interest. The 49ers do not make big deals normally, but if you can find a top of the line guy, maybe you make the move. It's one thing to sign or trade for a good player, but another when it's a great option that can lock down a position for several years. ACL injuries are not quite what they used to be, but there will still be some measure of concern.

For the 49ers, the other question is what area of the defense really needs to be upgraded. Personally, I think adding depth is a bigger deal than big name starters. Aside from potentially needing a starting safety, I think finding depth that can provide more breathers for the front seven could be a more valuable use of resources. I know plenty will disagree when it comes to Revis Island.