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49ers free agent history: Jonathan Goodwin contract with the team

As the 49ers work to re-sign their own free agents, and prepare further for the March 12 start of NFL free agency, we take a look at the various contracts the team has handed out the last two years under GM Trent Baalke. We continue with Jonathan Goodwin.


So far we have looked at the contracts of Carlos Rogers, and Ahmad Brooks, which were given out during the past two free agency periods by 49ers GM Trent Baalke. Next up is Jonathan Goodwin, who was signed in August of 2011 shortly after the end of the lockout.

Goodwin's deal included a $2 million signing bonus, plus incentives for playing time for each season.

2011 Salary-$2,166,666
2011 Base- $1 million (Guaranteed)
2011 Signing Bonus proration- $666,666
2011 Incentive- $500,000 (For playing time)

2012 Salary- $3,716,666
2012 Base- $2.4 million
2012 Signing Bonus proration- $666,666
2012 Incentive- $650,000 (For playing time)

2013 Salary- $5,016,668
2013 Base- $3.7 million
2013 Signing Bonus proration- $666,668
2013 Incentive- $650,000 (For playing time)

It's not clear what the 49ers will do with Goodwin, as some view him as a potential cap casualty. If the 49ers elected to release Goodwin, they would save $4.35 million. Of course, Goodwin was a good part ofthe 49ers offensive line success this past season. Goodwin is a solid anchor at center, and has proven to be one of the best in the NFL. On the other hand, he is in his 30's. Could a younger option with higher upside be needed at this point?

Nonetheless, this shows the strong work the 49ers do in structuring contracts. They provided themselves with an easy out in case of injury or decline in performance.