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Von Miller predicts 49ers-Broncos Super Bowl, adds in Kaepernicking

Von Miller is on a promotional tour, promoting an AXE product. During one interview, he had a chance to talk 49ers-Broncos in the Super Bowl and show off his Kaepernicking.

Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller is in the midst of a promotional tour for the AXE Face range line, and he has had a chance to talk a whole lot of football. He didn't get a chance to talk about his friendship with Aldon Smith. They've apparently become good friends, often hanging out off the field.

He was recently interviewed by Amanda Rykoff for (a friend of the site). He had a chance to talk about his prediction that the Broncos would win the Super Bowl next year. Around the 3:30 mark he starts talking about that prediction. When asked who he thought the Broncos would face, he did not hesitate in naming the 49ers. In talking about the 49ers, he also had a chance to show off his Kaepernicking with a quick kiss.

It was kind of funny to see him mention Alex Smith. This interview happened after the trade, and I think we see him correct himself a bit when he is talking about Kaepernick. Guess it's just second nature to think of Alex Smith with the 49ers.

On a side note, The Football Girl asked me if I had any questions for Miller, and the first one to come to mind was whether or not his glasses were for prescription or just fashion. A lot of people rock the hipster glasses just to look good. Miller said he actually does in fact need glasses (on a side note, I'm getting LASIK in a month!).