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Dashon Goldson rumors: Eagles could be interested in 49ers safety

The Dashon Goldson rumor mill is picking up steam. The Philadelphia Eagles are the latest team connected to Goldson.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Over the course of this offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles secured the services of 49ers personnel man Tom Gamble, and have been connected with defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois. Now they are taking a step up in their game. Jordan Raanan of is reporting that multiple NFL sources have told him the Eagles are interested in Dashon Goldson.

The Eagles have a serious need at safety, struggling to find a long-term answer since Brian Dawkins departed. Goldson would be a guy they could plug in right away and potentially not have to concern themselves for at least three or four years, if not more.

The Eagles also have the cap space to make a run at Goldson. The rumors are that Dashon wants $8 million a year. If that is the case, he is talking top of the line safety money, and as I've said repeatedly, I don't see the 49ers matching that. The Eagles are one team that has the space. Combine that with their significant need for safety help and it could prove to be a match.