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NFL free agents: John Abraham to visit 49ers

The 49ers are reportedly bringing John Abraham in for a visit. The former Falcons player would be looked at for a pass rusher role.

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The San Francisco 49ers are continuing to bring in recently released players, as reports indicate they will welcome former Falcons defensive end John Abraham to town later today. According to USA Today, Abraham is going to head to Santa Clara to visit with the 49ers after wrapping up his visit with the Seahawks.

Abraham has spent much of his time recently playing as an end in the Falcons 4-3, but he started his career in the Jets 3-4. He is approximately the same size as Ahmad Brooks and I have to imagine would be looked at as an OLB option.

Abraham was released by the Falcons as part of their recent salary purge. He was reportedly due a base salary of $4.25 million in 2013, and would have had a cap hit of $7.156 million. In 2013, Ahmad Brooks is due a little over $2 million and will have a cap figure of just over $5 million. Aldon Smith is due $1.6 million and will have a cap figure of $3.9 million.

The 49ers do need some additional help for their pass rush. Smith and Brooks played a huge majority of snaps, and this team needs guys who can spell their starters. Tre made a good point about lacking a Travis LaBoy type who could provide actual pass rush punch in place of the starters. In one season, LaBoy managed 5.0 sacks as a utility man. Abraham could provide that in spades, so long as the price is right.