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NFL free agency open thread: Ricky Jean Francois, Dashon Goldson, Josh Cribbs lead the rumor mill

We take a look at some of the latest rumors as the NFL free agency negotiation period winds along.


The NFL free agency negotiation period is slowly working through its first day, and it is safe to say the NFL's memo about tampering has led to a squelching of a lot of information. The thought was that the negotiation period would mean more news, but it has been very up and down thus far. Of course, the 49ers have been fairly quiet, so I suppose that might have something to do with it.

We do have a few tidbits to pass along via the wild world of Twitter.

Matt Barrows reported that Ricky Jean Francois' agent told him five teams have inquired about the defensive lineman. He would not mention which teams, but those rumors are slowly going to develop. The Titans appear to be joining the slowly growing list of teams that have been connected with RJF. Rumors and/or basic speculation have included the Packers, Ravens and Eagles.

The safety market saw the first domino fall this morning with William Moore re-signing with the Falcons for what is now being reported as a five year deal that can max out at $32 million. As I understood it, this is right around where many expected Moore's figure to settle. Does that mean Dashon Goldson might not get his $8 million per year? That's hard to tell right now. After all, only one team needs to be willing to pony up the cash. I would be surprised if he got the $8 million per year that has been speculated, but I've been surprised before.

The 49ers were linked to Cribbs a couple weeks ago, and there really hasn't been anything new. The 49ers have been quiet this far, so with this moratorium on "agreements in principle", we may not hear thing one about this for a little bit.