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NN after dark: Daylight savings time starts tonight

Happy Daylight Savings Time! An evening thread of fun as NFL free agency negotiations head into day two.

Warren Little

The first full day of free agency is coming to a close, and it has been a fairly quiet time thus far. The NFL's memo to teams has apparently done a pretty strong job of keeping people from talking too much. I don't know how many deals are close to done, but this whole thing has taken a lot of the anticipation out of things. For now it seems like we're left to just wait for Tuesday.

While we wait for some kind of news, I thought it would be good to have a bit of an open thread for the evening. You can discuss free agency if you'd like, but feel free to discuss most anything in here. For those wondering, tonight is in fact the night we roll our clocks an hour forward for daylight savings time. Although we lose the house of sleep tonight, it means we'll have evenings with a bit more sunlight.

Aside from that, daylight savings time is sort of like the first benchmark of spring time. It's fitting here in DC where we got back up into the 50s today, and are expecting the 60s tomorrow. It's about time!