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April Fools' Day is upon us; Be wary of pranksters

April Fools' Day is upon us. Be wary of news you think you see!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Happy April Fools' Day to everybody! The calendar officially flips to April, which means draft month is here. The 2013 NFL Draft is just a few short weeks away. We've entered a bit of a lull before then, but it just lets us get our energy up and running for the big three days of the draft. And of course the following days when undrafted free agents fly off the market at a rapid pace.

More importantly for the short term, April Fools' Day marks the day when half the Internet tries to pull the wool over the other half with fake news. I imagine there will be at least one 49ers-related story out there. Things like draft visits are not likely to be April Fools' jokes. My guess is we'll see something Alex Smith related, like the trade being rescinded or something like that. Or maybe somebody will play it a little better. Whatever the case, be wary!