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Matt Flynn trade, Carson Palmer rumors: As the NFC West turns

The NFC West continues to make things interesting in the NFL. Matt Flynn is leaving the division, and Carson Palmer could be joining the division.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week, rumors began circulating that the Oakland Raiders were on the verge of acquiring Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn. After a quiet weekend, the deal now appears to be done. Jay Glazer initially reported the deal, and Albert Breer followed up indicating it was for a pair of picks. The Seahawks followed up by announcing they received a 2014 fifth round pick and a conditional 2015 pick.

The Seahawks now find themselves with only Russell Wilson at quarterback. Initial reports from ESPN indicate they are going to talk to Matt Leinart and Tyler Thigpen about filling the backup QB role. I think they're plenty fine with Russell Wilson, but if he were to get injured, it would leave them in a predicament. The same holds true for the 49ers, but I guess we'll just overlook it all for now!

While this deal is done, another deal could be in the works. The Raiders are reportedly talking with the Arizona Cardinals about dealing Carson Palmer for a late round pick. Although Palmer is getting long in the tooth, I believe he represents an upgrade at quarterback for Arizona. They will need to boost their offensive line in the upcoming draft, but I think they become an improved team with Palmer at the helm. I don't think it automatically turns the Cardinals into a playoff team, but he can still chuck the ball. These Cardinals could be dangerous.

As for the Raiders? Well, considering they are in a position where they need to blow things up, I'm not quite sure what to make of the Flynn trade. I do think they had to get rid of Carson Palmer. For a team going nowhere, he brings nothing to the table. Some would argue Terrelle Pryor should get his shot this year, but obviously the Raiders are not exactly over the moon for him. I think the Pryor-Flynn camp battle (or whatever you want to call it) will still be worth watching. And of course, the Raiders still could decide to draft a quarterback later this month. That being said, this move indicates they are not interested in what this year's QB draft class has to offer.