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NFL trade rumors: 49ers acquire Colt McCoy from Browns, according to report

The 49ers have reportedly acquired Browns QB Colt McCoy. What does it mean for the QB depth chart?

Ezra Shaw

The 49ers apparently have found their competition for Scott Tolzien. And I see no reason to think this is an April Fools' Day joke.

Colt McCoy has been on the outs with the Browns all offseason, and trade rumors have been circulating the last few weeks. According to LaCanfora, the deal is done. I have to say that a late round pick for Colt McCoy strikes me as a good use of the plethora of picks.

While McCoy has had more downs than ups, he is coming into a pretty ideal situation. There is pretty much zero pressure on him, other than dueling with Scott Tolzien for clipboard duty. He's not a Colin Kaepernick scrambler by any stretch, but he does have some decent wheels, finishing third all time in rushing by Texas quarterbacks. That is not exactly a ringing endorsement, but the team can still run some read option if he ends up on the field.

This will provide a solid competition for the number two spot, and I think provide solid enough depth behind Kaepernick. Considering Kap is not going anywhere as the starter, the 49ers have a manageable backup situation. I do think they sign one more quarterback in undrafted free agency, but otherwise, the QB depth chart is filling up fairly well.

There is no word yet on what pick is involved, but the 49ers have three picks in the sixth and seventh round they could use in such a trade. To be perfectly honest, they could deal any one of those three picks and I'd be happy.