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49ers introduce "Jim Harbaugh Collection"

The 49ers had a little fun on April Fools Day, introducing the "Jim Harbaugh collection" of merchandise. Well played.


April Fools Day was a mixed bag of amusing and not so amusing tricks. Mashable put together a rundown of some of the bigger ones from the day. In sports news, things were a bit more limited. Nick Barnett pranked his Twitter followers into thinking he had signed with the Buffalo Bills. Not exactly earth shattering, but mildly amusing I suppose. Agent David Canter pranked his followers with some tweets about Eric Weddle getting traded.

The biggest 49ers-related prank involved a Victor Cruz story at a fake website. The "New Jersey Post" reported the 49ers were working on an offer for Cruz. Unfortunately for the people who wanted to believe it, the "New Jersey Post" does not exist.

The 49ers got in on the act with an amusing little joke.

If you went over to their story, they had a variety of pictures of Coach Harbaugh in his usual khakis and black sweatshirt look. If you want to see the fullfilment of this prank, every Halloween as long as Coach Harbaugh is in town, you'll see it.

Anybody come across any particularly entertaining April Fools' Day pranks?