Consensus 49ers Big Board - TE and OLB v1.0

This table contains the Tight End and Outside Linebacker big board from a 49er standpoint. I used several draftnik sites to get an average draft position for the players - thus the "consensus". I then grouped the prospects into seven tiers, colored them following the rainbow (magenta, blue=good, red=bad). Then moved those guys up and down arbitrarily based on their stats, what little I know of the prospect, how they fit in the 49ers' schemes as I perceive it. A bit more on the method can be read here:

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Eifert is in his own on the top. I ranked Vance McDonald higher above Ertz, as he is both better suited at blocking (stronger, longer arms) and faster. Jordan Reed is too light, so he gets kicked lower. I like Gragg's fit as H-back so he is much more valuable to the 49ers than the rest of the bunch. I also moved some TEs up from the last tier.



The Outside Linebacker list has both linebackers and 43DEs - the latter for a pass rush specialist role. Jordan and Mingo are the best. The next four guys are all slow, and thanks to that they are all over the place, and they might fall further than most people would think. Unlike linemen, whit only a few projected into rounds 3 and 4, pass rushers are distributed evenly. So I expect Baalke to draft someone from the next green and yellow groups, or a project like Devlin Taylor.

Again, comments on how I should move those guys around are welcome.

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