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2013 NFL Draft: Keenan Allen Prospect Profile

We scout Cal receiver Keenan Allen. Is he worth a first round selection?

Ezra Shaw

Wide receiver Keenan Allen has seen his draft stock all over the map over the last year. Before an injury last season, Allen was arguably the No. 1 receiver in this year's draft class. Now Allen is fighting to remain a day one selection. This offseason, his stock has continued to take hits; Allen was not able to perform at the combine or at his pro day.

Yesterday, Allen took to the field for a scheduled work out. The work out was to show that he is recovering from his knee injury and will be fully recovered by the time training camp rolls around. Allen was clocked at 4.71 during his forty by Mike Mayock, a time that isn't alarming as you may think. Allen isn't a burner and never will be. He compares to Jordy Nelson, another player who doesn't have top tier speed but always finds a way to get open.

Fooch's Note: SB Nation had a writer on hand for Allen's Pro Day. Check out his thoughts on the day.

The Basics:

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 206 lbs
40 Time: 4.71 *Note: This is what Mike Mayock timed Allen at during the workout, but this is not an official time. Even if it was official, do not be too alarmed by this time. He is still coming back from an injury, Allen is a 4.55 receiver at least)

Do Your Homework: Watch film of Allen against Ohio State and USC


  • Good route runner
  • Exceptional hands
  • Fights for extra yards
  • Does well improvising: Allen can read coverage and break off his route short, cut it inside, outside, go deep, depending on the coverage. He appears to have a high Football I.Q.
  • Willing blocker


  • Doesn't have exceptional speed
  • Injury questions are still there for Allen

Does He Fit The 49ers?

As a player, yes he could fit the 49ers. Allen is a physical receiver who could help out blocking in the run game, while also being able to stretch the field for Colin Kaepernick. The range in which Allen will be selected is anywhere from pick twenty five to forty five, according to Mike Mayock. That would mean the 49ers would have to surrender pick No. 31 or No. 34 if Allen is still on the board. The 49ers did meet with Allen at the combine, so I would assume there is some level of interest.

Allen compares himself to Anquan Boldin; that right there screams "Get this guy!" Boldin could very well be re-signed at seasons end, but if he isn't, it would be a great idea to draft a player who is very similar to Boldin, and also admires him.

What They Are Saying:

- Mike Mayock compares Allen to Anquan Boldin, and likes that he is always ready to compete. Mayock also has Allen ranked No. 3 in his latest wide receiver rankings.

- Check out all of Allen's stats here.


Yes, there are other needs before receiver. But if Allen is still on the board when the 49ers are on the clock with their first two choices, they will be very tempted to draft him, especially if they deem him the best player available.

The pro of a selection of Allen is getting a potential star receiver cheap long term, the con is he does not pan out and the 49ers waste a pick on a receiver where they should of filled a need at another position.

I wouldn't love the pick, but I wouldn't hate it either. Allen is a player to keep an eye on during the draft, if he ends up holding a 49ers jersey don't be completely shocked. Whatever happens here, I trust Harbaugh and Baalke. They know what they're doing.