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Marcus Lattimore visits Jon Gruden's QB Camp

Former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore sat down with ESPN's Jon Gruden to discuss his rehab and plans for the NFL. We take a look at some pretty inspiring stuff from Lattimore.


Tuesday afternoon, ESPN aired the latest edition of Jon Gruden's QB camp, and this time they looked at a non-QB. Gruden sat down with South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, and we got a rather entertaining half hour of football talk. Check your ESPN listings for repeats because you definitely want to check it out. I've embedded a few minutes of video below from the session.

We've had discussions before about Marcus Lattimore, as he has developed into a favorable draft crush for many. Drafting Lattimore provides the 49ers with a variety of options. You could argue the most favorable is placing him on the PUP list and letting him basically go through a medical red-shirt year, of sorts. It does not cost the team a spot on the 53-man roster, and it gives him some time to get his knee to 100%. And getting a chance to learn from Frank Gore is not a bad thing. Gore has established himself as one of the best running backs in 49ers history, and also has dealt with the medical issues Lattimore has dealt with the last couple years.

Of course, if Lattimore has it his way, he will be ready to go for this season. He came across as extremely motivated, which is not surprising considering he already came back from a left knee ACL tear. It is only a half hour of television, but it is easy to get excited about Lattimore's drive.

I tweeted during the show, so here are a few tweets with some of the comments:

Two of my favorite comments from Gruden: