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Anthony Davis contract: Details trickling out courtesy of CSN Bay Area

Anthony Davis contract details are starting to leak out. We take a look at what Davis' contract includes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the 49ers and Anthony Davis were able to work out a contract extension that could keep him in San Francisco until 2019. Initial reports had the contract at five years and $37.5 million with $17 million in guaranteed money. We are now starting to get a few more details courtesy of a combination of Matt Maiocco and the NFLPA.

The deal is actually a seven year deal. Davis was signed through 2014, but this basically involved ripping up the remainder of his rookie deal and signing him for seven years. Here is a rundown of the base salaries Davis is scheduled to earn, per the NFLPA:

2013: $880,000 (previously scheduled to earn $1.3 million)
2014: $1.845 million (previously scheduled to earn $1.07 million)
2015: $2.35 million
2016: $2.65 million
2017: $4.0 million
2018: $5.375 million
2019: $5.375 million

According to Maiocco, Davis gets a $7.5 million signing bonus. Additionally, Davis' base salary for 2013 is fully guaranteed. His 2014 and 2015 salaries (he is scheduled to earn $2.35 million in 2015) become guaranteed if he is on the 49ers roster on April 1 of each year. Maiocco indicated that $2.1 million of Davis' 2016 base salary of $2.65 million would be guaranteed if he was on the roster on April 1, 2016. All about the April Fools' Day!

The most interesting aspect of the contract has to be de-escalator clauses for weight and workout requirements. According to Maiocco, $1.25 million in EACH of the final five years (2015-2019) is tied to weight requirements and attendance at workouts. Given any concern about players getting a long-term deal, adding in these kind of requirements seems like a particularly good idea. Davis has improved each year, and if there was any concern about motivation, this would certainly help.

Here are the cap figures for each year, according to Maiocco.

2013: $4.25 million
2014: $7.53 million
2015: $6.72 million
2016: $5.14 million
2017: $6.5 million
2018: $6.375 million
2019: $6.275 million

According to the NFLPA, the 49ers now have $1,034,822 in cap space.