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Matt Williamson thinks Colin Kaepernick has every attribute an NFL quarterback needs

We take a look at Matt Williamson's comments about Colin Kaepernick's skill-set, and what it means moving forward for the young QB.


Earlier today in our Anthony Davis contract post, CDM49er posted a an interesting comment. ESPN's Matt Williamson was conducting a chat, and he answered a couple questions related to the 49ers quarterback position. I'm guessing most will like the answers.


This is only one person's opinion on Kaepernick, but it is worth noting that he is not the only person to see crazy upside to Kap. Ron Jaworski said something similar, declaring that all Kaepernick needed was experience. He too believes Kap has all the tools, and simply needs more time on the field. The more time Kap spends taking snaps, the more he will learn about various situations and how to approach them.

And that is what makes this offseason so big for Kaepernick. Joe Staley discussed it during his appearance on NFL Network this morning.

"I'm excited for him. He has a great opportunity. He has the whole entire offseason to be the starting quarterback, to go through the whole entire gamut of being the man, running the offense. It's his show now. I know him and I know how hungry he is to get back on the football field. A week after the Super Bowl was done, he was down in Atlanta training and he's been training this whole entire time. I'm very excited to get back with him. He's chomping at the bit to get back working and like I said to get back to the Super Bowl at the end of the season."

The 49ers begin their organized offseason workout program in Santa Clara next Monday. It is technically voluntary, but I can't imagine Kaepernick not showing up. In reality, I would be surprised if most anybody was absent from the program for anything other than extenuating circumstances. It is the start of as important an offseason as the 49ers have had in recent years.