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Golden Nuggets: Joe Staley on Colin Kaepernick; More draft news

Thursday, April 11, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Joe Staley sings Colin Kaepernick's praises. Can he get an amen?
Joe Staley sings Colin Kaepernick's praises. Can he get an amen?
Ronald Martinez

Good morning Niners Nation. How is everyone? Are people getting excited for the draft? Is it less exciting when we pick so late? I don't mean to say that you are less interested, but being so far down the line, and having no idea who will be around or whether we will even hold the 31st pick when it is made, does that tamper the excitement or build-up? Well, there are tons of draft links, and I'm sure that will continue until weeks after the even takes place at the end of the month.

And in other news, Joe Staley has said that Colin Kaepernick's time is now. We already knew that Joe, but thanks. We're all expecting big things from the third-year signal caller. I can't wait for September. Er, scratch that...I can't wait for February!

Joe Staley Speaks...People Listen

Christian Gin gives us the transcripts of Joe Staley's interview. I'm leading with this to break up the mono-ness of the non-stop draft coverage. He also discusses the Seahawks offseason. A lot of people in the 49ers world are being forced to do that by the media. | Staley says the time for Kaepernick is now, discusses Seahawks offseason (Gin)

NFLN: Staley on the state of the 49ers (

Staley breaks down 49ers blocking schemes (

Draft News

BASG brings up a good point about local prospects and how we view them. How many times leading into last draft did people tell you why the 49ers should draft Coby Fleener? Infinity squared? This syndrome needs a name. | Keenan Allen - future star or just a guy we know really well? (BASG)

One thing that is certain is that the 49ers need help at safety. Another certainty is that this draft runs deep at the position. I can't even begin to imagine a situation in which the 49ers don't draft a safety in the first two rounds. | With deep class of safeties, 49ers have options (NBC)

You know we're living in a postmodern world when Cam Inman gets to name-drop in the title of an article about name-dropping. Far out, man. | Name-dropping with Mel Kiper on potential 49ers picks (Inman)

What's special about this article is the revelation that for 49er draftee Gio Carmazzi is now a goat farmer! | What the 49ers could do with their many draft picks (SF Gate)

D-line, safety, tight end would meet 49ers needs (Maiocco)

MT: Lattimore compared to Frank Gore (

10 players the 49ers should draft in 2013 (SF Gate)

Tavon Austin's pre-draft dance card is full (PFT)

49 in 49: S Jonathan Cyprien (

Other News

Anthony Davis's new contract has weight requirements included. Is this a new trend for giant linemen? He enrolled at Rutgers weighing in at 363 lbs. That's big! | Davis' deal includes weight requirements (Maiocco)

And in the world of interesting news, Nick Saban, failed NFL coach, has said that teams are asking him for advice on how to handle the read-option. Keep quiet, Nick! | Nick Saban: NFL coaches are asking for read-option advice (PFT)

Santa Clara greenlights exclusive negotiations for stadium-side entertainment hub (Mercury News)

One step ahead: Kaepernick working to improve speed this offseason (Barrows)

Mastro declines NFL's pistol interest out of loyalty to Kaepernick (CBS)

How Glenn Dorsey fits into the 49ers' defense (Cohn)

Being a Sheep

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