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Glorious and inglorious draft history, courtesy of Football Outsiders

We take a look at some of the good and bad draft classes in history, thanks to some metrics from Football Outsiders.


Over the last few weeks, occasional Niners Nation front page writer Danny Tuccitto has put together an interesting look at drafting and some of the best and worst over the course of 1970 to 2007. I won't get into the nuances as Danny does a better job than I can at explaining things.

His initial article explained a new draft efficiency model he was attempting to develop. He followed that up with a ranking of all 32 teams over the course of 1970 to 2007. The Miami Dolphins led the rankings, with the San Francisco 49ers coming in fifth.

Earlier today, Danny used three different measurements to take a look at the best and worst NFL Drafts. The 49ers made some appearances in both the best and the worst. The 49ers 1986 draft class consistently ranked among the best. The 49ers had 13 picks in that draft, and did not even have a first round pick. Here is a rundown of that class: (round and overall):

2 (39): Larry Roberts, DE
3 (56): Tom Rathman, RB
3 (64): Tim McKyer, DB
3 (76): John Taylor, WR
4 (96): Charles Haley, DE
4 (101): Steve Wallace, OT
4 (102): Kevin Fagan, DE
5 (131): Pat Miller, LB
6 (162): Don Griffin, DB
8 (203): Jim Popp
9 (240): Tony Cherry, RB
10 (267): Elliston Stinson
10 (270): Harold Hallman

One class that showed up among the worst was the 49ers 2002 class. Here is a rundown of that class (round and overall):

1 (27): Mike Rumph, DB
3 (69): Saleem Rasheed, LB
4 (102): Jeff Chandler, K
4 (127): Kevin Curtis, DB
5 (163): Brandon Doman, QB
5 (172): Josh Shaw, DT
6 (201): Mark Anelli, TE
7 (239): Eric Heitmann, G
7 (248): Kyle Kosier, T
7 (256): Teddy Gaines

Eric Heitmann turned out great for the 49ers, but otherwise it was mostly a lost class. Mike Rumph, Kyle Kosier and even Saleem Rasheed stuck around for a while, but none were of much value.