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Donte Whitner talks Nnamdi, 49ers defense and 2013 on NFL AM

Donte Whitner stopped by NFL AM for a chat on Friday. We take a look at some of his comments.


San Francisco 49ers strong safety Donte Whitner has been making the media rounds, and this morning he showed up on NFL AM. You can catch some of the interview over at

Whitner had some interesting comments about Nnamdi Asomugha. He mentioned the signing and said "We don't know what position he's going to play yet." When Nnamdi spoke with the media last week, he said he was going to play cornerback. Of course, he also said he had not had a chance to talk Xs and Os with the coaches yet.

I have seen some chatter here about Nnamdi potentially moving to safety, particularly given the possibility of an odd man out amongst the cornerbacks. I have to think there will be some discussion about it at some point, even if it does not end up panning out on the field. Given that Nnamdi has no guaranteed money in his contract, the 49ers have leverage in a potential position switch.

My favorite line from the interview had to be when Whitner compared the Eagles defense last year with the 49ers defense this year. "[Nnamdi] will see a tremendous difference in the way that we play defense and the way that they (Eagles) played defense last year."