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This Week in Niners Nation: The Pre-Draft Noise Edition

This Week in Niners Nation, a weekly revisiting of Niners Nation content. This week the pre-draft coverage builds up. With less than two weeks to go, what else is there to talk about?

Tarell Brown displays a new sleeper hold, applicable to all receivers, as Carlos Rogers looks on.
Tarell Brown displays a new sleeper hold, applicable to all receivers, as Carlos Rogers looks on.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We're ramping up the draft coverage here at Niners Nation and that will, naturally, be the focus of this week's edition. It's a lot harder to predict what we'll do with the 31st pick (or if we'll even have it when it's time comes around) than it is to predict the Chiefs at No. 1. That's not going to stop us from trying. We've got prospect profiles, positional rankings and more.

I'm going to dive right in as I'm running late, as you'll notice by the timestamp.

I'm going to single out an article for the top of the page. It's deep, well-written and covers a topic that I get hassled about frequently on Twitter. Our cornerback position has too many bodies. We have four potential starters. What is going to happen? There are so many variables and possibilities and Nick Chiamardas takes a look at them all. | 49ers cornerback depth: Who could be the odd man out? (Chiamardas)

Draft Coverage

A mock draft by PFT that had the 49ers selecting OLB Jarvis Jones was the inspiration for this post. Sound ridiculous? It is? But what do you call A.J. Jenkins? What do you call Aldon Smith at No.7? If there's one thing we know, it's that Trent Baalke is ridiculous...ridiculously good! | 2013 NFL draft: What position would surprise you early on? (Fooch)

My partner in crime, Trevor Woods, re-ranks the cornerbacks in this years drafts. Who are his top ten? Where will they go in the draft? Are any of them fits for our Niners? Before the Nnamdi Asomugha signing, it was assumed we'd be taking one. Now, I have no idea. | Re-ranking the corberbacks (Woods)

If you were to list our top five needs going into the draft, free safety might be numbers 1-5 on some people's lists. We have presumed or possible starters at every other position. Good thing Nick has re-examined the position in the draft. We're getting one of these guys so get to know them well. | Re-ranking the safeties (Chiamardas)

Woods takes a look at Keenan Allen, a player many of us know from his career at Cal. I think his skill set overlaps our starting receivers too much. But then again, I am ignorant when it comes to the draft. He can block, and we like downfield blocking. Check out game footage, scouting reports and more in this player profile. | Keenan Allen prospect profile (Woods)

Fooch gives you Todd McShay's draft scenarios for the 49ers with their 31st overall pick. McShay gives his pick for mock purposes, but gives 3 possible scenarios for the team. This is a much safer approach for a draftnik, as simply saying the 49ers will draft Jonathan Cyprien (his choice for us, by the way) leads you to one million "I told you sos" and "you're an idiots" when the 49ers first select a defensive lineman, then grab Cyprien at No.34. | Todd McShay mock draft: Considering the possibilities (Fooch)

The 49ers will definitely be looking DL in the draft. I want to see a safety and defensive lineman out of our first three picks. Who goes where and when, not so much of a concern after that. Tre9er looks at Johnathan Hankins from Ohio State. He can play inside or out and has agility for his size. Versatility is highly valued by our front office, in case you weren't aware. | Jonathan Hankins prospect profile (Tre9er)

Hot Topics

NaVorro Bowman spoke out about the growing buzz surrounding our division rivals, the Seahawks. It caused a lot of applause amongst the 49ers faithful. I looked at Seattle's opponents this year and their home schedule is easy, but their road schedule is brutal. They could go 2-6 on the road. | NaVorro Bowman talks Seahawks hype (Fooch)

For the first time in 10 years, the 49ers have a number one receiver in Michael Crabtree. And, as soon as he starts to produce to the standards of a hold-out receiver out of college who demanded more money than his draft slot, we notice his contract will be up. Jason Hurley looks at recent receiver deals in an attempt to figure out his worth going forward. | Michael Crabtree future contract comparisons (Hurley)

Here's the latest edition of the #Channel49 Twitter Q&A session. Who would replace Greg Roman, when will the 49ers draft Honey Badger, and what will be the surprise position we draft high at? All great questions. All receive great answers (sarcasm font). | #Channel49 Twitter Q&A mailbag, Vol. 4 (Malone & Woods)

This is from the unsettling thoughts department. Wes Hanson looks at which player that we know and love could, like Dashon Goldson, be playing themselves into a contract that the 49ers won't be able to afford. Two names that pop up our Mike Iupati and the previously mentioned Crabtree. | Which Niner is the next Dashon Goldson? (Hanson)

We've got a new writer on the front page here at Niners Nation. Steph, who goes by the moniker SoCaliSteph, which I first read as 'Socialist' Steph, is stepping up to the wicket stumps and knocking it to the boundary for four (thought I'd throw you all off with a cricket reference, even though I'm pretty sure I flubbed it). She takes a look at Mario Manningham's recovery from injury, which is of concern at a position that has some question marks. Everyone welcome her aboard. | Mario Manningham injury: Truly assessing the recovery (SoCaliSteph)


The winner of the FanPost of the week is less of a post and more of an invaluable tool, but FanInvaluableTool has no flow. Poldarn gives us a draft big board, consolidated and compiled from 6 different sites. I'm impressed, as are most of the comments. Study and enjoy! | Consensus top-300 big board v. 2.0 UPDATE1 (Poldarn)

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not the 49ers need a nose tackle. We play a base 3-4 but spend more time in nickel packages. Can Glenn Dorsey and/or Ian Williams man the position? Here's a look at the value of the position and whether or not the 49ers need to address it. | Nose guards...Valuable or not??? (Fredman)

And what FanPost section in April would be complete without a fan-created mock draft. Here's a flexible one, for your perusal. Why say unequivocally that the 49ers will do this or that, when you clearly have a 99% chance of being wrong at the 31st pick? (See McShay post above) | Flexible draft - Where are the "holes" in that strategy? (9er_From_Brazil)

That does it, guys. Sorry it's a bit late. I know you were all hitting refresh on your browser for the last hour. The wait is over.

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