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2013 NFL Mock Draft: How high on D.J. Swearinger?

The latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft features the 49ers making a grab at safety with their first round pick. How high is too high for D.J. Swearinger?


The folks at Mocking the Draft put together their latest mock draft, and they decided to mix in three hypothetical trades. None involved the 49ers, but you know the 49ers will be active on the phones next week. The three trades were as follows:

  • Dolphins, Browns swap picks - Other picks involved do not impact first round mock
  • Jets acquire No. 13 pick from Buccaneers as part of a Darrelle Revis trade
  • Bills trade later picks for Packers first round pick to secure a quarterback

In this latest mock, Matthew Fairburn has the 49ers drafting South Carolina safety D.J. Swearinger. The 49ers are in the market for a safety, and Swearinger is a guy some people like. He is a talented safety, but the question is whether or not the 49ers would go this high on Swearinger. The "draft media" seem to view him as a day two pick. Of course, the draft media does is not looking at team big boards, so we can't tell how accurate they are yet with any of these projections.

Swearinger is a big hitter, who is incredibly aggressive. Swearinger strikes me as somewhat similar in nature to some of the skills of departed free safety Dashon Goldson. I suppose if the 49ers could find a safety in the draft similar to Goldson, that would be a pretty smart pay-off on the decision to let Goldson walk.

Is Swearinger on your short list of options? If so, how high would you be willing to go on him?

Fooch's Note: Eric Branch provided some justification last week for why he thought Swearinger was the pick at No. 31.