49er Fan Mock draft 3.0

Ok I lied...the last one wasn't my last mock draft. Here is my mock draft assuming we do not trade up-

1.31-DE Datone Jones-We need to seriously think about a Justin Smith replacement. I said think. At 6'4 and 283lbs, Datone Jones has the ideal size for a traditional DE. He is a 3-4 DE with great athleticism and also versatility to play DT as he did for a few snaps in UCLA. 49ers could rotate him in to give Smith a breather for the 1st-2nd downs. He has tons of potential to be a great pass rusher in the league and can also potentially take Cowboy's role.

2.2-DT Jessie Williams-The 49ers need a DT after the departure of Isaac Sopoaga and Ricky Jean Francois. The 49ers recently extended 3rd stringer Ian Williams, but the question is can he play? Jessie Williams was a physical DT for Alabama. He was primarily a reason why Alabama's defense was ranked #1. He is a great run defender and at 6'2 323, he has a huge body frame and will be able to make stops. He has a solid overall game, but one thing he could improve on is with his pass rush. He was not much of a pass rusher in college but has the overall skillset to become one.

2.31-FS Bacarri Rambo- Underrated FS from Georgia and who I think is one of the best safeties in this draft. His stock has been down because of legal issues, but if not for that he would be the top safety in this draft. Bacarri Rambo is a ball hawk and is great in coverage. He has the ability to play and fend the deep ball which you can't say many of the safeties in this draft do. He is an aggressive hitter but a medicore tackler. He has great ball skills. He could in fact be our starting FS in 2013.

Here's his video. Click here

3.12-OLB Trevardo Williams- He is a great edge rusher with 11.5 sacks last season. Trevardo Williams is very quick off from the line of scrimmage and can be that OLB rusher we need along side Aldon Smith. He is also good against the run and can stuff the RB inside. He is a very physical rusher and could also benefit from sitting a year behind Ahmad Brooks which could be simply replaced.

3.31-WR Ryan Swope- Hopefully the 49ers will be lucky enough to land this guy in the 3rd. He is an underrated receiver from Texas A&M at 6'0 205lbs who ran a 4.34 at the combine. He has quick speed and has a great vertical leap. He's a reliable receiver with great hands and was a primarily target for Johnny Manziel. If asked to block, he would be able to.

Here's his video. Click here!

4.12-WR Chris Harper- Yes, another WR. This draft is full of talented WR's and the 49ers should stock up on them. As of now, we have Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Mario Manningham, Kyle Williams, AJ Jenkins and Marlon Moore. Out of those 6, 2 are injured, while the other 2 are unproven. It would not be a bad idea to draft another WR. Chris Harper is another underrated receiver at 6'1 229lbs who is a good route runner with GREAT blocking abilities. He resembles Anquan Boldin very much with his great size and blocking ability. He is able to shed off defenders after the catch and would be a red zone threat.

4.31-OT Chris Faulk- The 49ers need depth behind the O-Line and LSU's Chris Faulk could fulfill that role. However, he's coming off an injury but that would be no problem for the 49ers. He is a solid T and can contribute when healthy.

4th Comp- Marcus Lattimore- Lattimore is the best RB in this draft without a doubt. The 49ers have great depth at RB behind Gore with Kendall Hunter, LMJ, and Anthony Dixon. However, Gore is aging and Hunter is coming off of an injury, while Dixon is not utilized unless for 3rd and shorts which is rare. Lattimore coming out of a serious injury could potentially give the 49ers a high reward.

5.31-TE Joseph Fauria- Another underrated player from UCLA. Jospeh Fauria has great hands and good blocking ability. He has shown that he was a great TE in college, and it could translate into the NFL. He reminds me a bit of Jimmy Graham.

6.12-ILB Steve Beauharnai

6.31-CB Johnny Adams

7.21-K Dustin Hopkins

Also for those of you questioning why there is no SS. The reason being for SS is that this in my opinion, this is a weak SS draft class. Many of the SS are great run defenders but are not good coverage guys. Whitner would be our best option yet and we have great depth there.

It took a while to do this mock...but there you go.

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