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R.I.P. Pat Summerall

We take a look at one of his great calls, from the 1998 49ers-Packers wild card matchup.

Earlier this afternoon, word came out that Pat Summerall had passed away. The younger folks might not recall much about him, but for anybody who caught his games, there was a certain smooth cadence to Summerall's delivery. There are plenty of differences between every play-by-play man, but Summerall was always one I enjoyed. He was not over the top, but rather he did great work presenting what was happening.

In light of his passing, I thought I'd post some video (above) of a call that all 49ers fans love. Pat Summerall and John Madden had the call that day, and it was a great one. This video covers the final nine minutes of television time. If you want to watch just The Catch II, here is some video starting immediately before the throw.

Rest in peace, Pat.