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Zack Ertz would love to play for the 49ers ... carry on

We take a look at a couple quick comments from Stanford TE Zach Ertz, who said he would love to play for the 49ers.

Harry How

The 49ers held their "local" pro day, and Stanford tight end Zach Ertz was among the participants. In not surprising news, Ertz discussed the potential of playing for the 49ers:

"I would love to come to the Niners," added Ertz, who worked out for some six other teams and met in some form with all 32. "Growing up in the Bay Area, I always watched the 49ers. Playing for these (coaches) I had in college would be a huge honor."

Ertz spoke on the 49ers potential need at tight end:

"Obviously losing Delanie, there's an opening," Ertz said. "Coach Harbaugh wants the best players and wants to win a championship here. Whether it's myself or another player, it probably doesn't matter because he wants to win."

What I found most interesting is that Ertz mentioned that Brent Jones has been a personal mentor since he was a junior in high school. It remains to be seen just where the 49ers value Ertz, but it's always interesting to see these kinds of connections. I have to imagine much of the final assessment on Ertz comes down to his blocking and what kind of upside they see in it.