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Pre-Draft Needs: The Rest

We examine the remaining 49ers 2013 opponents: the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins.


Having examined the three major divisions against which the 49ers will contend next season, we have only a couple more teams to scrutinize before the draft: the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins.

The Green Bay Packers have done, well, nothing this offseason. I was so shocked at how little they have done, that I was seriously doubting my research these last couple of days. But, the Packers are a solid team -- and they may be smart staying pat and seeing what the draft has in store. I mean, technically they did sign TE Matthew Mulligan. But, yeah. There's nothing else to say about that besides the fact that it happened. I mean, they could use some TE depth, but Mulligan is not going to light the place up. Look for the Packers to address a few needs before the season starts, particularly at Center, RB, WR, and any position that can stop a basic read-option attack.

The Washington Redskins likewise had a low-key offseason. They did re-sign a lot of players, thus not necessarily upgrading their team in areas of need. But, I think they are counting on a full season of even better QB play to keep pushing the team forward. The Redskins did bring in CB EJ Biggers, OT Jeremy Trueblood and DE Darryl Tapp. These are likely low impact players, though. I'd still like to see Washington address their needs at Safety, spots on the o-line and WR.