My first (and last) mock draft

For the 7th year in a row, I'm making my own 1st round mock draft a week or so before the draft. I restrict myself to a single version, because early versions usually become irrelevant so there is no point of making them. This year, for the first time, I'm actually sharing it with the world.

Few things about my mock:

1. It will look like a pathetic joke after the 1st round is over. I've never hit on more than 7 picks in any of my mocks. The correct way to evaluate mocks in my opinion is to count the number of players in your mock that were actually taken in the first round (my record is 28, my average is about 25 I guess).

2. It's definitely the hardest mock I've ever made. It's the first time that I have no idea who is gonna be the 1st overall pick a week before the draft. In addition, there are so many borderline late 1st early 2nd players that there's no way of telling if a player is gonna go 25th or 45th.

3. You are probably not gonna like my Niners pick. If that is indeed the case just remember, for the first couple of minutes, you are probably not gonna like Baalke's pick either :)

4. I've also added some later picks for the niners just for fun (not counting them in my mock success rate)

5. I'm not taking into account any draft day trades. I will make some honorable mentions though...

So here it is

1. Chiefs - Luke Joeckel - As I said I really have no idea if it's actually him.

2. Jaguars - Dion Jordan - Many holes to fill, pass rush is the biggest.

3. Raiders - Shariff Floyed - Their defensive line in non-existant at the moment.

4. Eagles - Star Lotuleilei - You don't really think that Soap is the answer don't you?

5. Lions - Eric Fisher - No pass rush or corners but you gotta keep Stafford alive...

6. Browns - Dee Milliner - That will give them one of the best corner duo in the league.

7. Cardinals - Lane Johnson - Do I really need to explain?

8. Bills - Geno Smith - Buddy Nix said he's gonna take a QB, I believe him.

9. Jets - Ziggy Ansah - He's either the next JPP or the next Vernon Gholston (who?).

10. Titans - Chance Warmack - I've got nothing smart to say here...

11. Chargers - Jonathan Cooper - They want Lane Johnson but will settle for Cooper

12 Dolphins - Xavier Rhodes - Same as above

13. Buccaneers - Barkevious Mingo - They made a garage sale on their defensive line. Corner can wait to the 2nd round.

14. Panthers - Sheldon Richardson - Seems like the only sure pick in every mock, which is why it will be wrong.

15. Saints - Jarvis Jones - A new pass rusher for their new 3-4 defense.

16. Rams - Tavon Austin - Danny Amen-who?

17. Steelers - Cordarrelle Patterson - With no 3-4 pass rushers left they are going BPA and replacing Mike Wallace.

18. Cowboys - Kenny Vaccaro - BPA and filles a need.

19. Giants - D.J Flucker - The Giants shore up the OL.

20. Bears - Tyler Eifert - A new toy for Cutler.

21. Bengals - Alec Ogletree - BCA - Best Criminal Available.

22. Rams - Arthur Brown - James Laurinaitis now has to fill only 2 LB spots instead of 3.

23. Vikings - Sylvester Williams - The Williams wall is back!

24. Colts - Tank Carradine - His stock rise stops here.

25. Vikings - Manti Te'o - Te'o and Mike Singletary have some national embaressments to share...

26. Packers - Manelik Watson - Once again, you want to keep your future 1 billion $ QB alive.

27. Texans - Justin Hunter - I've been mocking a WR to them for the 3rd straight year, I gotta be right this time!!! :)

28. Broncos - Bjoren Werner - If they will fax it on time...

29. Patriots - DeAndre Hopkins - They don't have any No. 1 wideout.

30. Falcons - Margus Hunt - Falcons is the stupid team that falls for this year's Brandon Weeden.

31. 49ers - D.J. Hayden - First of all it's my mock so I can pick whoever I want :). With only Culliver under contract after 2013 (assuming Rogers is cut) we gotta think of the future. We can get a starting FS later on in the 2nd round. Why Hayden over other corners? because he's better than the overhyped Taylor and Trufant, (go and watch the tape), and because he's my draft crush. In some weird way, my last 3 draft crushes were corners (Peterson, Janoris Jenkins and now Hayden) which mean that you all can calm down because we probably won't take him in the real draft.

32. Ravens - John Cyprien - They lost 2 starting safeties and 2 starting ILB's so Kevin Minter is also possible but my gut feeling saying safety.

Other Niners picks

34 - Datone Jones - Yes I'm not sending him to the Colts like everyone else and he falls to the 2nd round because of the overhyped Margus Hunt and the rise of Tank Carradine.

61 - Phillip Thomas - My favorite safety is Elam but he's probably gone before the 61st pick. Same thing with Reid and Swearinger. Thomas is no wood layer but he's a good cover safety which is what we really need.

74 - Travis Kelce - Here is the Delanie Walker successor.

93 - Brandon Williams - Adding some beef to the defensive line

128. Marcus Lattimore - That's a wish pick. He's probably gone by now...

Honorable Trade mentions:

1. Jets will get the Bucs 13th pick and some other picks for Revis.

2. Chargers/Dolphins jump to the 6th spot to snag Lane Johnson out of the Cards hands.

3. Less likly to happen - Cards are in love with Eric Fisher and will jump to the 3rd pick to take him.

4. The 49ers stockpile picks and get Sheldon Richardson.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.