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Mike Mayock conference call open thread: NFL Network draft guru talks 2013 NFL Draft

NFL Network's Mike Mayock's will be discussing the 2013 NFL Draft with the national media on Thursday. We provide a link to a live stream for the call.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The last few years, in the days leading up to the draft, NFL Network has made Mike Mayock available to the media for a conference call. The NFL has made the transcript available after the fact, but this year, they will be providing a live stream of the call. Just when you thought you couldn't waste more time at work, the NFL is here to hook you up!

The call will start at 10:00 a.m. PT today. If you want to listen to the call, head over to The live streaming audio will be accompanied by highlight packages of draft prospects and graphics on NFL team needs.

As Mayock discusses the 49ers, I'll update this open thread. I'll get a post later today on some of the individual topics, but I figure enough people will wander into this one that it will help to post the 49ers-specific content. In the meantime, check out Mayock's most recent positional rankings.