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49ers 2013 schedule: Bring on #DavisBowl

Super Bowl 47 and Thanksgiving 2011 brought us HarBowl 1 and 2. Now, we get Davis Bowl 1 as Vernon and Vontae Davis will square off in Week 3.


The media allows loves a good storyline, and the 49ers-Colts matchup brings a couple entertaining ones. The biggest will of course be Andrew Luck facing off against his college coach, Jim Harbaugh. We'll also get the return of Ricky Jean Francois. While that is not quite a monster storyline, it's interesting nonetheless.

One storyline that flew completely under the radar when the list of opponents was released. I present, Davis Bowl I.

Although Vernon often gets covered by linebackers and safeties, I have to think at some point, Vontae will want a piece of him. I don't know if the Colts will let him cover Vernon at some point, but it would be amusing to see. Vernon is significantly bigger than Vontae, so I have to think any coverage by Vontae would be part of a double-team. We'll see what Week 3 brings us.