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Golden Nuggets: 2013 NFL schedule release breaks up the draft hubbub

Friday, April 19, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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James and Aaron are out of pocket for the Nuggets today, so your fearless leader is at the helm. My only goal is to not burn the place down, so for those who haven't been around for Fooch Nuggets, they're a bit simplified. Given that I'm setting these up from the east coast before I head to bed, there's a good chance I'll miss some stories. Make sure and drop them in the comments for others to see.

Yesterday was NFL schedule release day, which I find to be a great way to break up the draft insanity. The NFL Draft is just around the corner, and to be perfectly honest, I can't wait until it actually gets started. It reminds me of when I was studying for the bar exam. Once the exam was near, I just wanted to get to it so I didn't have to study anymore. I just want the Draft here so we can stop talking about the hypotheticals and get to what is actually happening. I think that's one reason the NFL schedule release is cathartic. It is actual news. We'll get over it pretty quickly, but it gets me through the week.

On to the links!

Colin Kaepernick striving to be 'complete package' (Gin -

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2013 'Monday Night Football' schedule (Sando)

West LB ranks: 49ers NFL's best 'times 10' (Sando)

What deals say about Antoine Winfield, Nnamdi Asomugha (Sando)

Sizing up NFC West's backup quarterback contracts (Sando)

Hello, familiar foe: 49ers will open 2013 season against Packers (Branch)

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Candlestick’s farewell tour to start with hosting Packers in opener for first time (Inman)

Farewell, Candlestick: A week-by-week 49ers schedule (Barrows)

49ers draft outlook: Defensive linemen (Maiocco)

49ers open 2013 season against Aaron Rodgers, Packers (Maiocco)

Niners See Dorsey as Versatile Contributor (NBC Bay Area)

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