Consensus 49ers Big Board - Defensive Backs v. 1.0

This table contains the Defensive Back big board from a 49er standpoint, split for safeties and corners. I used several draftnik sites to get an average draft position for the players - thus the "consensus". I then grouped the prospects into seven tiers, colored them following the rainbow (magenta, blue=good, red=bad). Then moved those guys up and down arbitrarily based on their stats, what little I know of the prospect, how they fit in the 49ers' schemes as I perceive it.

My other tables and bit more on the method can be read here:

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Safety list


Back in November the scouts were saying how deep this safety calss it is. To tell the truth, I am underwhelmed. Concerning the free safety positions, the ready guys are slow (Vaccaro, Cyprien, Rambo, Swearinger) and the fast guys are all projects to different extent. So pick your poison. Regarding the draft, Cyprien will be off the board at 31, so prepare for the team to reach for Reid. I eventually removed Amerson from the safety list - he would need about two years to bulk up for the job.

Now the corners:



Don't know how the Asomugha deal impacts the draft process, but as there are at least four other average or better CBs on the team, probably we can scratch one more position off.

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