Consensus 49ers Big Board - Linebackers v. 1.0

Decided to finish up the defensive side of the ball with the interior linebacker prospects. Spent a little less effort on this due to the lack of early draft need. I tried to eliminate the pass rushers, but did not differentiate between the rest of the positions (Sam, Will, Mike).

I used several draftnik sites to get an average draft position for the players - thus the "consensus". I then grouped the prospects into seven tiers, colored them following the rainbow (magenta, blue=good, red=bad). Then moved those guys up and down arbitrarily based on their stats, what little I know of the prospects, how they fit in the 49ers' schemes as I perceive it.

My other tables and bit more on the method can be read here:



Due to the lack of positional need, even the best LBs are relegated to Tier 3.

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