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2013 NFL Draft rumors: 49ers in the mix for mid-first round pick, according to one GM

NFL Draft week is just about upon us, and that means the rumor mill goes into overdrive. And right on time, the 49ers are considered in the mix to move up in the first round.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Yahoo! football writer Jason Cole is reporting that at least one general manager thinks the 49ers are interested in moving up to the 13th or 14th overall pick. It is worth noting the Bucs previously held pick No. 13, while the Panthers currently hold pick No. 14. The Bucs just dealt their pick to the Jets.

There is no way that the 49ers can keep more than five or six new draft picks with the way the team is structured right now. Expect GM Trent Baalke to either trade up or trade out for picks in the future. The talk around the league is that the 49ers would like to get a defensive lineman who can eventually step in for veteran Justin Smith.

We are entering draft week, which means the rumor mill is picking up steam. This rumor could mean a whole assortment of things. A GM could be trying to stir things up in order to build up a market for one of those picks. Or they could want to get another team to move around. It is also possible the 49ers have actually inquired about one of these picks.

It is impossible to know with anonymous sources because everybody has an agenda. And unless the 49ers actually do make a move up into the middle of the first round later this week, we'll never know how true any of this actually is. As we move through the coming week, I think most of us know to take any rumor with a grain of salt. The 49ers will be the subject of a lot of rumors because they have so many picks. Let the games begin!