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Marcus Lattimore getting some pre-draft love from the 49ers

Marcus Lattimore, a frequent draft crush among 49ers fans, is reportedly getting some love from the team. Will the team pull the trigger?


Every year features numerous draft crushes that draw in 49ers fans, and this year is no different. One of the most prominent has to be South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore. His injury history has sent him down draft boards, but given the 49ers depth and eventual need to replace Frank Gore, it is not surprising that Lattimore is on the radar for fans. It sounds like he is on the radar for the team as well:

While those four teams are showing him "the most love", I have to think there are other teams trying to stay under the radar. And of course, it is entirely possible one or more of the four teams above are throwing up a smoke screen. For most mid-round picks, smoke screens might not be quite as big a deal, but Lattimore is no normal mid-round prospect.

Will the 49er send up with Lattimore? There are 31 other teams out there, and a few of them might have just a little bit of interest in the talented running back. This is sure to add a little bit of intrigue late on day two and early on day three.