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NFL Draft trade rumors: Several top 12 teams looking to move down

There are rumors that a few top ten teams are interested in moving down on Thursday. Will the 49ers make a run at one of those picks?

Chris Trotman

Now that the NFL Draft is actually, really, finally just around the corner, I am going to post a bit more on the rumor mill front. We obviously have to take it all as a grain of salt, but with more random details out there, why not chatter away on it? While most of the rumors will likely turn out as complete BS, they provide some talking points as we consider what the 49ers might do in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Earlier this morning, Adam Schefter tweeted that the Eagles, Lions, Browns, Bills and Dolphins were all looking to move back in the draft. For those wondering, that covers picks 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12. The 49ers have already been linked to rumored interest in picks 13 and 14. Given the 49ers wealth of picks, I have to imagine any team interested in dealing down in the first has the 49ers on speed dial.

Rumors concerning a potential move up have focused on wide receiver Tavon Austin and various potential defensive line prospects. Back on April 1, Matt Barrows mocked out a trade up in the first that would net the 49ers Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. There is also some chatter that if the Oakland Raiders do not draft defensive lineman Sharrif Floyd, he could slip down to the end of the top ten, if not further. I would be surprised if the Raiders went elsewhere, but you never know.

I imagine when Thursday gets here, Trent Baalke will be spending much of day one on the phone talking to numerous general managers. Even if the 49ers end up making no deals on day one, it is likely going to be an exhausting day for Baalke.

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