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2013 NFL Draft predictions: 49ers potential trade-up scenarios to maximize talent

Taking a look at a bold draft-strategy that nets the 49ers numerous high picks for maximum talent.

Al Bello

Let's keep this simple. The 49ers need high-impact players from the 2013 NFL Draft. There aren't many roster spots up for grabs, and only the best prospects stand a chance of pushing incumbents off the squad. This is a scenario where the team can maximize the talent it's able to select.

The idea is to target the best players at the positions of highest need, then set a range for each guy where you're comfortable picking them. If he's available when that range arrives, pull the trigger, get your guy. Here's one such example:

Trade picks 31 and 74 to arrive in the early 20's - Select Datone Jones

The value is close, you might be able to get to number 20 itself, especially in this draft where teams are looking to move-down with the lack of star-power available at the top. There could be a bargain trade to be had. Datone Jones is disruptive, strong, and will immediately give starters a breather in Nickel situations as a pass-rusher. He will be the heir apparent to Justin Smith, and all it cost was an extra 3rd round pick.

Trade picks 34, 128, 157 to arrive in the mid-to-late 20's - Select Jonathan Cyprien

There is almost no disagreement that Cyprien is the most well-rounded, athletically gifted safety in this draft. There's a better-than-average chance he can be productive as a first-year starter and the 49ers are in need of that. He will bring the hard hits that Dashon Goldson was known for, as well as the range and ball skills to take away the football from opposing offenses.

At this point the 49ers still have picks 61, 93, 131, 173, 180, 237, 246, 252 at this point. Here is an idea of what they could do from here:

Trade down pick 61, gain 5th rounder, arrive at pick 64-67 (or so) - Select Bacarri Rambo

I know people don't like the idea of drafting two safeties when we only lost Dashon Goldson...but between Whitner's deficiencies in coverage and the fact that his deal only runs through 2013, the time to think about the future of both safety positions is now. Having a young tandem of athletic, rangy safeties would cap-off an already great defense for years to come. The competition at CB is already there and should produce a good set of starters and talented backups for 2013. Shore-up the safety position and things look even sweeter.

Trade picks 93, 173, 180, 5th rounder f/above, get to mid-early 3rd - Select Travis Kelce

This looks like trading a lot of picks, but keep in mind, most of them are late rounders. Making sure the 49ers get Kelce is huge. He's a mean blocker, has great hands, and excellent size. This is called getting serious about the TE position.

This leaves the team with picks 131, 237, 246 and 252. That's four mid-to-late round picks to round out the squad with special teams players, depth at some positions (perhaps a high-risk/high-reward player at RB, WR, or OLB) and give the team some bodies for camp/the practice squad.

This sounds like a lot of trading, a lot to give-up, but look at how many picks this team has. Moving up multiple times still leaves them with plenty of selections, and ensures they get the most talented players at key positions. This is a Super Bowl run the 49ers are on. It's time to put on the big-boy pants.