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49ers Draft Rumors: Why the rumors mean nothing

I take a look at all the rumors surrounding the 49ers draft plans. I am here to tell you it's just gobble, gobble turkey from jive turkey gobblers.

Jim Harbaugh quickly deciphering whether it's a good question or gobble gobble turkey talk from a jive turkey gobbler.
Jim Harbaugh quickly deciphering whether it's a good question or gobble gobble turkey talk from a jive turkey gobbler.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every off-season, teams are the subject of numerous rumors. Many of the rumors have no basis, and are shear speculation from writers who wished they had inside knowledge. It pains me to see some of the rumors that involve the 49ers, knowing what this regime is all about: secrecy. If you don't want anyone to know what you are going to do or are thinking, you don't tell anyone. This is the motto the 49ers have had since day one of the Harbaalke era.

A prime example would be any press conference of Jim Harbaugh's. Coach Harbaugh does not like to divulge injury information, schematics, gameplans, etc. The media isn't an ally to an NFL team most of the time, and certainly not days before the NFL draft. For that reason, don't put too much stock into any 49ers rumors.

Exhibit A:

Jason Cole spoke with an NFL GM who feels the 49ers are looking to trade up:

"It's believed by at least one GM that the Niners are interested in moving up to the 13th or 14th overall pick."

He can believe what he wants, but he won't be getting a phone call any sooner about the 13th or 14th pick. Baalke could care less about speculation. He isn't going to tip his hand. He is the one with the chips. Baalke may be speaking with other general managers, but I would be shocked if he tipped his hand like this. Baalke has generally struck me as too good for this. Giving it up like this would put the 49ers in a position I just don't see them in.

"The talk around the league is that the 49ers would like to get a defensive lineman who can eventually step in for veteran Justin Smith. The team also needs a safety, No. 2 tight end and could use an impact corner. All of that is possible."

It sounds like that talk around the league is the same as the talk around the Niners Nation community. No writer has inside knowledge of the plans, they are speculating like us all. It doesn't take an NFL GM to know what the 49ers areas of need are.

Exhibit B:

Before Darrelle Revis was traded to the Buccaneers, CBS Sports senior columnist Clark Judge started the Revis to the 49ers speculation:

"San Francisco must fix the holes that held it back, and it can get there through the draft or by packaging draft picks in a deal for Revis.'

This was never a possibility for the 49ers, and as Fooch put it, a trade for Revis would put the 49ers in "cap hell". The 49ers did not have the cap space to go after Revis, and wouldn't want to trade picks for a rental, or sign him to a lucrative contract long term. This is a classic example what Jim Harbaugh calls "gobble, gooble, turkey from jive turkey gobblers." Baalke and Harbaugh probably got a laugh when they heard any speculation of Revis heading to San Francisco.

Exhibit C:

The National Football Post, a site that features insight from professional football "insiders", contributed to Percy Harvin to the 49ers rumors:

"After bidding adieu to Randy Moss, the 49ers could be interested in trading for Percy Harvin. The rumor mill has the 49ers as one of the potential suitors for Harvin, who is in the last year of his deal and very well could be dealt. The 49ers have the extra draft picks to make a trade happen."

The 49ers aren't in the business of overpaying for players, simple as that. Giving up a first round pick and then some, as well as handing Harvin a lucrative contract was never a realistic possibility. The 49ers may have a lot of picks, but trading away a top pick for an injury prone player that wants more money than he's worth wouldn't fit into Baalke's philosophy. Days went by, and these rumors proved to be false. You can have him Seattle, the 49ers did not want him.

These are a few examples, and there will be more in the next couple days. The fact of the matter is only Baalke, Harbaugh, and a few others know exactly what's going down. Some 49ers coaches and scouts aren't kept completely in the loop of exact draft plans. So how would anyone in the media know, or a GM on another team know any specific 49ers draft plans? They don't know anything, it's just speculation. Gobble, gobble, turkey my friends. No more, no less.

Be weary of rumors the next few days, and more importantly, have fun during the three days of the draft.