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2013 NFL Draft rumors: What the quarterback maneuvering could mean for the 49ers

Quarterback rumors have officially hit the 2013 NFL Draft. How can the 49ers benefit?

Jeff Gross

The San Francisco 49ers are sitting in a solid position through the first two days of the draft, with five picks in the first three rounds. More importantly, they hold picks 31 and 34, giving them a lot of room to maneuver at the end of the first round and beginning of the second round.

This could be particularly interesting given the question marks surrounding quarterbacks in this year's draft. Although Geno Smith is looking like a top ten pick, the confidence level in all of the quarterbacks is fairly minimal. That makes this tweet all the more interesting.

There would be nothing better for the 49ers than a run on quarterbacks late in the first round or early in the second round. Once Geno Smith is off the board, all it takes is one team selecting a quarterback to set off a stampede of teams desperate for the next question mark looking at a middling career in the NFL.

If the Jaguars do take Ryan Nassib to start the second round, maybe that gives the Bills or Jets some incentive to move up ahead of the Arizona Cardinals in the second round. I have no idea if any of that will happen, but it could turn things into a seller's market for Trent Baalke. I would love to see the 49ers turn pick No. 34 into a 2014 first round pick.

That could be some wishful thinking, but the 49ers are in a position to build up their future picks. It is not absolutely necessary, but the more high value assets the 49ers can acquire in future drafts, all the better.