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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Mayock mock draft features hesitancy with 49ers pick

Time to break down Mike Mayock's annual pre-draft mock draft!

USA Today Sports

Late yesterday afternoon, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock dropped his one and only mock draft for the 2013 NFL Draft. Throughout the draft evaluation process, Mayock provides a host of positional rankings and commentary on the draft. However, he saves his mock draft for just before the big day.

In his mock draft, Mayock has the 49ers selecting Stanford tight end Zach Ertz. The pick comes with a caveat. Mayock thinks the 49ers are likely to trade up in the first round. However, if they do keep the pick, he thinks Ertz is the pick. In his words, "Jimmy Harbaugh recruited Ertz out of high school to Stanford; there's a bond there. They lost Delanie Walker. Boy, does he fit the bill for that offense."

While the Walker comment makes sense, Harbaugh recruiting Ertz out of high school does not strike me as much of an argument. Harbaugh recruited plenty of guys at Stanford and the 49ers haven't had many of his former players in town. There are some Stanford guys on the roster, but for Harbaugh and Baalke, the draft is about finding the best talent, regardless of school.

Harbaugh obviously knows Ertz, and would be the right guy to put in a good word for him with the front office. Whether that means this happens remains to be seen. I would be surprised if the 49ers went tight end in the first, but this team will do all it can to keep us on our toes. I think defensive additions are the name of the game early on, but who the hell knows.