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2013 NFL Draft video: Taking your mind off the noise

A few videos to take your minds off the interminable wait for the start of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Al Bello

We are still a few hours away from the 2013 NFL Draft, and the Twitter-verse is filled with ridiculous amounts of noise. Some might prove true, but I imagine 90% of what we are hearing will turn out to be nonsense.

I realize people are getting a little antsy, so I thought I'd go for the lighter side of things with some draft video. This first video is a montage of Roger Goodell-draft pick hugs. The hugs get bigger and bigger each year.

This next video is the always classic montage of New York Jets draft picks. I love being able to roll this one out every year, and I have to hope the Jets can add another classic this year. I imagine the odds are incredibly high that the fans will be booing which ever player ends up joining Gang Green.

This final video is for a draft drinking game. I imagine there are hundreds of draft drinking games, and I'm sure plenty of you will have plenty to drink over the next three days. It should be fun times!