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2013 NFL mock draft: The absurdity of last year as we look to 2013

A look back at the 2012 Niners Nation mock draft database reveals some amusing projections at positions we thought were needs, but really were not.

Stacy Revere

I've been poking around some of last year's draft content as the 2013 NFL Draft nears, and I came across a final look at our 2012 mock draft database. Like this year's final look, the post went up Thursday morning, and it is kind of entertaining to look at how people were projecting the team heading into last year's draft.

The 2012 mock draft database wrapped up with offensive guard leading the way with 13 projections. Guards Kevin Zeitler and Amini Silatolu led the way with six projections apiece. Wide receiver finished second with eight projections, and Stephen Hill led that group with three.

Looking back we can kind of laugh at it all, as the 49ers ended up going with Alex Boone at right guard. It is interesting to go through the comments and see the discussion around Alex Boone and Daniel Kilgore. Boone was referenced several times, but Kilgore was the one most people expected to move over to right guard.

This year, safety and defensive line are dominating the projections. Defensive line makes plenty of sense as it is more about depth than starting right now. The 49ers could need some nose tackle help, but even that is a person who at best could be rotating.

On the other hand, I wonder if safety is a position where maybe the 49ers think one of the current guys on the roster can be the answer. After Donte Whitner, the 49ers have C.J. Spillman, Trenton Robinson, Darcel McBath and Craig Dahl. None jumps out as an obvious answer, but even last year as people discussed Boone and Kilgore, there wasn't a lot of "oh my god this guy is totally the answer" discussion. People liked them, but did not know enough to declare anything with absolute certainty.