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2013 NFL Draft Open Thread: Let the games begin

The 2013 NFL Draft is getting underway. Here is your first open thread of the evening!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

After months of waiting, it is finally here. The 2013 NFL Draft is getting underway, and months of mock drafts, analysis and predictions comes to a head. NFL Network and ESPN will have plenty of coverage over the next three days, but we'll be here to provide all the nitty-gritty about the 49ers.

We are all primarily interested in the 49ers draft plans, but most of us are curious as how a few other teams draft, and where certain players will go. Aside from the 49ers, I'll be keeping an eye on the NFC West. The division is turning into quite the "big boy" division, and every pick will be a big deal. The Seahawks do not have any picks today, but Arizona is picking high in the first round, and the Rams have two selections. Both teams have a chance to really boost themselves in a division that otherwise could turn into a two-horse race in 2013.

This year's draft does not have the expected structure we saw last year with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III long expected to start things off. We've seen a mix of early projections, but it now appears that Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher will be the Kansas City Chiefs choice at No. 1. Other than that, half the league seemingly wants to move back in the draft, with a lot of people viewing the second round as the chance for real value in 2013.

The 49ers hold pick No. 31, but the rumor mill is in overdrive with a potential move up into the teens. It could all be a smokescreen, or the 49ers could in fact move up on Thursday night. Either way, it will keep us on our toes until they do whatever it is they will actually do.

This will be the first open thread of the draft. The front page is going to remain a three-up format. We will have our story stream on the right side, and then the two most recent stories on the left side. Every story will then push those stories down into the river of content. We'll have a whole lot of content, so get ready!

Quick reminder, If you do not have a television to watch the draft, you can watch it online via The 49ers will NOT have a live war room cam this year, in case you're looking at it.

A couple quick reminders about this thread (and all threads for the three days of the draft. Site decorum is off, but please avoid gratuitous swearing where possible. Additionally, site decorum being off does not mean you can launch personal attacks. If you disagree with somebody, go after the opinion, NOT the person.

We'll be around all evening and into the weekend with plenty of draft coverage. Enjoy!