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2013 NFL Draft results: Raiders, Dolphins mix things up with the first trade of the evening

We take a look at the first trade of the 2013 NFL Draft.


The 2013 NFL Draft took a little while to get going, but we've started to see some action. On an evening that could see quite a few trades, the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins got the ball rolling. After Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel went first and second, the Raiders were able to trade their third overall pick for the Dolphins first (No. 12) and second round (No. 42) picks. The Dolphins then used that pick on Oregon OLB Dion Jordan. Mayock thinks he adds 20 pounds and becomes a defensive end, while others see him as a stand-up defensive player. Naturally, there is plenty of disagreement.

The Eagles followed that up with offensive tackle Lane Johnson. The Eagles need to boost their offensive line, so Johnson is a fairly safe pick. The Detroit Lions then selected Ezekial Ansah with the fifth pick.

Now that the Raiders have moved down to No. 12, I have to wonder if they talk with the 49ers about moving down further. The Raiders need as many draft picks as they can grab, and the 49ers have been rumored to have interest in moving up in the first round. It is a lot easier to climb up to No. 12 than No. 3. If the 49ers decide they really want a Sheldon Richardson, Tavon Austin, or whomever, the option is there.