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Twitter reacts to the Eric Reid selection

With the selection of safety Eric Reid a done deal, we now begin to analyze the pick. We'll cover every angle here at Niners Nation. I bring you some of the top comments put forth on social media site Twitter.

Eric Reid has every reason to smile this morning.
Eric Reid has every reason to smile this morning.

The title of the piece implies that Twitter has a life of its own, as though it could react to a story. We all know it's only as alive as its users. People have a platform to say whatever they want, so long as they say it in 140 characters or less. I take a look at what some have said and offer you some of the best tweets. We start off with the man, himself, and carry on through some of the beat writers, bloggers, myself and some fans.

And that's all, folks. A little insight into what Twitter had to say about the 49ers top pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Welcome, Eric Reid.