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2013 NFL Draft: Quick video breakdown of 49ers first round pick, Eric Reid

Three reasons why Eric Reid fits as the 49ers first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

I am up in New York City at the SB Nation Studio for the 2013 NFL Draft, and I had a chance to put together some quick video about new 49ers safety Eric Reid. Last year we did some higher level stuff breaking down the divisions, but this year we've simplified the approach a bit.

In the above video, I discussed three reasons why Eric Reid is a fit with the San Francisco 49ers. Given the 49ers need at safety, and Eric Reid's speed and athleticism, it is not hard to find how this fits the 49ers. My third reason, though, related to the 49ers coaching staff.

Secondary coach Ed Donatell has been a sought after assistant as teams look to build their defensive coaching staffs. For two straight seasons now, the 49ers have refused requests for him to interview for defensive coordinator roles around the league. The 49ers secondary had some concerns late this past season, but I think some of that can be ascribed to the pass rush getting worn down.

In spite of that poor close to the season, Donatell has done some great things with the secondary. We saw Carlos Rogers develop into a Pro Bowl cornerback, we saw Tarell Brown secure one of the starting jobs, and we've seen Chris Culliver improve. Remember that Culliver spent much of his college career as a safety. There are plenty of similarities in defensive back roles, but it's still a significant transition.