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2013 NFL Draft: 2nd round mock drafts drop some familiar names to the 49ers

Time to bang our head against the wall and consider some second round mock drafts!

Harry How

In case you were wondering, we are in fact gluttons for punishment. A day after the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft blew up mock drafts in a hurry, it makes perfect sense to bang our heads against a wall and look at a second round mock draft!

Early this morning, SB Nation's Dan Kadar put together a second round mock draft, which is all the more interesting because of the talent that will be readily available. In the three months leading up to the draft, mock drafts project players all around the board, making various assumptions that are eventually proven wrong. Without being in teams' war rooms in the draft prep period, we're left to make certain semi-educated guesses. And more often than not, just plain guesses. Eric Reid was not a shocker last night, but the move up was, and really any trade is going to change things up since most mocks do not reflect such trades.

In Dan's second round mock, he has the 49ers selected Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams with pick No. 34, and Southern Methodist defensive end Margus Hunt with pick No. 61. Both were projected by some to the 49ers in the first round at some point over the last few months, and both are there for the picking if the 49ers are interested.

Mel Kiper put together his own second round mock, and he has the 49ers selecting Stanford tight end Zach Ertz and Connecticut cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson. Tight end still strikes me as a position where the 49ers can get good talent later. Maybe they move up at some point for that guy, but going with Ertz at the top of the second would surprise me. I could see grabbing him if he slips, but at No. 34, I'm not expecting it. I suppose though, I should expect to be surprised at this point.