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NFL Draft trade rumors: Jets looking to move up, could 49ers be dance partner?

The New York Jets reportedly want to move up in the 2013 NFL Draft to acquire a quarterback. Could the 49ers work out a deal with them?


The first round of the 2013 NFL Draft had several surprises, including E.J. Manuel being the first quarterback off the board. Geno Smith remains on the board heading into day two, and there are several other quarterbacks that could draw some interest, including Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley. Now that the Bills have drafted a quarterback, that leaves teams like the New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars and possibly Philadelphia Eagles among the teams looking to draft a signal caller.

Albert Breer and Sal Paolantonio are both reporting that the Jets are looking to move up, and the 49ers are interested in moving down. Last night, the buzz on Twitter was that Trent Baalke said he knew what he wanted. In his post-first round press conference, he was actually a bit more broad when asked if he expected a lot of action early in the second round:

"You never know what to expect. Go home, try to take a break from it, come back tomorrow and if the phone rings, it rings. We're prepared to make the pick. We're also prepared to listen. If there are teams that are willing to move up and we feel like we want to move back, we will. If we feel like we want to make the pick, we'll make the pick."

Baalke is prepared to move down if the right offer comes along. And if such an offer does not appear, he is prepared to make a pick. None of this is rocket science.

Yesterday, I posted the first open thread half an hour before the draft got started. Today, I'll be posting the first thread of the second day a little earlier (maybe an hour before the second round starts), since the 49ers will be active early, even if they do not make a trade. Either way, we'll get some news pretty quickly.