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2013 NFL Draft: Patrick Willis restructures contract, creates room for rookie pool

Patrick Willis has restructured his contract to get the 49ers further under the salary cap. This will get them in position to start signing their rookies after the draft. We also take a quick early look at Eric Reid's possible rookie deal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers entered the 2013 NFL Draft with limited cap space, and not nearly enough to sign their entire rookie class, no matter how many players they selected. The 49ers have begun clearing up that situation, as they restructured Patrick Willis' contract, per Matt Maiocco.

Willis was due a 2013 base salary of $2.4 million, but according to Maiocco, Willis has turned $1.687 million of that into a signing bonus. That means that for cap purposes, the $1.687 million is now prorated over the final four years of the contract, as opposed to hitting entirely in 2013. The NFLPA has the 49ers listed as $2.15 million under the cap in light of this transaction.

Speaking of contracts, the folks at Over The Cap have provided some estimates of the 2013 rookie pool. They estimate Eric Reid will get a total contract of approximately $8.5 million, with a signing bonus of $4.5 million. The rookie pool is only an estimate because final numbers have not been leaked. These numbers are based on the previous year's rookie pool and how the salary cap has changed.