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NFL Draft results: 49ers trade second round pick to Tennessee Titans

The 49ers got to work quickly on day two of the NFL Draft, deciding to trade their second round pick to the Tennessee Titans. They acquired a seventh and a 2014 third. Not too shabby.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers held the second pick of the second round, and they wasted no time getting to work. The 49ers decided to trade the first of two second round picks to the Tennessee Titans, acquiring pick No. 40 in return. The 49ers also acquired a seventh round pick this year, and a third round pick next year. Considering they only moved down six spots, I'd say that's a pretty sweet move.

The 49ers originally acquired pick No. 34 from the Kansas City Chiefs in the Alex Smith trade. The Chiefs also gave up a 2014 fourth round pick that could turn into a third if certain conditions are met. The 49ers basically turned Alex Smith into potentially a second, a seventh and two third round picks. Are you kidding me?

Yesterday I put together a quick look at the 49ers recent trade history. We'll be back with more when the 49ers pick at No. 40, assuming they do not trade that one away!