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NFL Draft results: 49ers draft Tank Carradine

The San Francisco 49ers moved down from pick No. 34 to 40, and decided to use that selection on Cornellius "Tank" Carradine.


The San Francisco 49ers added the second member of their draft class on Friday, selecting defensive end Tank Carradine. The 49ers had pick No. 34 but traded down with the Tennessee Titans for pick No. 40. Now they're adding a big man in Tank Carradine.

Carradine stands 6'4'' and weighs 276 pounds. The 49ers could use him in a variety of ways. I imagine in year one he will get a lot of opportunities as an end in their nickel. Moving forward, he could potentially gain some weight like Justin Smith and develop into a 3-4 defensive end. Although the 49ers run a base 3-4, they play enough nickel and 4-3 fronts that they will find plenty of ways to get Carradine involved.

The 49ers observed Tank's pro day, and I put together a few thoughts on him earlier this week. I look forward to seeing what Jim Tomsula can do with Tank. Speaking of which, Jed York tweeted out some hints on the pick, and sent this one out right before it was announced.